Michael Chillingworth – Scratch and Sift – Two Rivers Records

Michael Chillingworth – Alto Sax, Clarinet
Tom Challenger – Tenor Sax, Clarinet
Josh Arcoleo – Tenor Sax
George Crowley – Bass Clarinet
Lewis Wright – Vibraphone
Sam Lasserson – Bass
Jon Scott – Drums

Recorded by Ben Lamdin at Fish Factory Studios
Mixed by Alex Bonney
Mastered by Peter Beckmann at TechnologyWorks Mastering
Artwork by Alban Low
Design by Paul Jolly
Executive Producer – Alya Marquardt

Well, this is (nearly) it! Nearly time to unleash this thing that’s been brewing for about 3 years now. The last couple of months have been the hardest, I’ve had a stack of CDs in my flat which I’ve not been allowed to share, which has been hard. I’m really proud of this record, and I’m delighted with how it has turned out, thanks in huge part to everyone who has helped make it happen, from the musicians who played out of their skin each and every one of them, to everyone involved with the recording itself who worked their magic, the amazing artwork and design, and of course to Two Rivers Records for making it possible in the first place. I am incredibly lucky to have worked with such an incredibly accomplished group of people at every stage, and am incredibly grateful to them for believing in this project and investing so much of themselves in it.

SO. We will be performing this music and celebrating the launch of this record at The Vortex jazz club in Dalston this Monday, the 27th of June. Please come along, buy yourself a limited edition CD, tell your friends!

There are advanced tickets available here:

Visit the Two Rivers Records bandcamp page where you can pre-order the album, and where you can stream the first track for free right now.

For more information about the gig see the vortex website:


Facebook group:

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