New Band, New Music, New Dates

Copy of Copy of quartet poster

While trapped for several days on a bus with fifty children Mike decided to escape his reality the only way he knew how – by immersing himself in a mathematically torturous rhythmic prison of his own design. Over the following months he attempted to make sense of the relentless polyrhythmic ear-worms which had by now burrowed deep in to his grey matter. An accord was reached, call it Stockholm syndrome if you like, so get ready as he prepares to present the fruits of his tortured psyche, with the help of some of his favourite musicians/inmates

Mike Chillingworth – Sax
Ivo Neame – Piano
Conor Chaplin/Tom Farmer – Bass
Jon Scott – Drums

28th of June – Morley College…

10th of July – Hackney Empire Bar

18th of July – The Vortex

6th of December – Con Cellar Bar

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