Green Chimneys


I just want to draw everyone’s attention to – a new listings paper and website for musician-led grassroots creative music events in London, finally bringing listings for great nights such as the Con Cellar Bar, Jazz at the Oxford, SE Collective and many others together in one place. This should be everyone’s first port of call for finding out what’s going on in the incredibly fertile and diverse scene that is happening all over the city, right under everyone’s noses. Most gigs cost £5 or less to get in to, the venues are intimate but exciting, and the quality of music making has never been better. Thanks to Tom Challenger and Dan Nicholls for making everything a little bit more visible and accessible.



I have just added a resources page as I have made a little PDF file containing some very basic and essential information that everyone who writes for saxophones should know. It’s really fundamental stuff but is often not well understood by non saxophonists.

I have a few other ideas for other subjects that could do with some basic guidelines so there may be more on the way, watch this space…